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JapanxReader: Fated
"Hey, are you okay?"
You blinked open your eyes at the sound of a soft voice right next to you. To your side was a young boy who seemed about your age, with sleek black hair and smooth brown eyes, looking at you with a vaguely worried expression. What had you been doing again? You remembered going outside earlier, and laying underneath a nice tree you'd found in an area just past the park so that you could watch the clouds. You must've fallen asleep after a while. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes for a moment, admiring the small ring on your finger you wore everyday that your parents had given you for a present a few years back when you'd finished.
"Yeah, I was just sleeping." You responded with a yawn, sitting up and turning slightly to face him. The boy gave you an odd look.
"Your sleeping outside?" He asked.
"Sure, why not?" You responded, raising an eyebrow at him. "Is there something wrong with it?"
"Hm, I guess not. I just don't see people doing it often, so it looks funny." H
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Dreamtalia Trivia! [Update]
Like I stated on my string of screenshots if ya'll saw them, since we're on hiatus we dont have a monthly sneak peak into the games current look. So instead I decided to do another thing once a month! Trivia! Little fun facts about the behind the scenes of the game and its origins. I'll be updating once every month! Let's get this going!
Fun Fact #1:
Shadow Italy was originally not part of the game.
As in the form of Shadow Italy, the Fauchereve was still very much there, just the thought of a creepy shadow italy wasn't part of the original process. The Fauchereve was not planned to be really sighted until chapter 8 when he appeared as Sweden. It's that reason why Shadow Italy wasn't featured on the title card, it was made before his conception. However one day, Kyo had a odd daydream of Germany having a foreshadowing vision about a really disturbing Italy in order to make him check on Italy to see he was in a coma, Piano digged the idea so Kyo brought up Italy's sprite s
:icondreamtalia-official:Dreamtalia-Official 59 36
Your Guardian Angel
Alfred admired how stubborn Natalya could be. Even now, deathly ill and supposedly bedridden, she refused to simply lie down and let this sickness beat her.
Unfortunately, the admiration often gave way to guilt as he saw how hard it was getting for her to move. He'd learned quickly not to point any of that out, of course. He was supposed to stay back and let Natalya go about her business.
Of course, Alfred could be equally stubborn on occasion. Taking that into account, it didn't really surprise Natalya when he constantly insisted on helping her in any way he could and demanded she go back to bed. It still upset her, unfortunately.
"If I told you once, I told you a hundred times," Natalya stated flatly as she pushed herself away from the young American man, "leave me be! It's hard enough to focus without you hanging over my shoulder all the time and acting as some sort of human wheelchair."
"Well, you aren't looking too well today," Alfred argued. "I told you I'd take care of your chor
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Japan X Reader: Star-lit Christmas
   With the snow laying upon frozen earth, a breeze blowing the powdered fluff across stones of the terrace that was glittering with diamond dust under the evening glow of pale white. Rosy gleams of sunset were just visible beyond the dense clouds that veiled the sky with a translucent fog, and the rays were cast out by divine intervention of the heavenly nightfall that was falling neatly much like the air's chill outside the glass, screen door of (Name)'s unique apartment by the riverside. 
    Her gentle gaze was averted from the dreamy sight outside to the warming glow inside, and her face was lit up both by the joy and cheer of the season as it was wedged into her heart, and by the glimmering lights of her ornamental tree that had been much work to haul out from the hallway and to decorate with the tangled mess of cords. She had worked to shape the tree carefully, expertly with a cautious eye in search of holes that would obstruct the tree's beaut
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The Angels Have the Phone Box! Clay Charms by Ideationox The Angels Have the Phone Box! Clay Charms :iconideationox:Ideationox 156 18 Weeping Angel by leftandrightdolls Weeping Angel :iconleftandrightdolls:leftandrightdolls 738 72
Japan x Reader: Cherry blossoms over Roses

Japan x reader
Cherry Blossoms over Roses.
Part one.
Your POV
"_____!!!! ______!!!! Wake up!!!" My mom called.
I jumped out of the bed, startled at my mom's loud voice.
I look up at my mom. She was wearing a suit, a pink tie tab, and her (moms hair color) hair rapped up in a nice bun.
"Come on you have to get ready for your first day of school! Your uniform is hung up in the laundry area!" She exclaimed.
"Uniform?" I asked kind of upset.
"Yes! I enrolled you into an academy!" My mom said.
I sit up wide eyed.
"MOM! Why?!" I yelled
"Because i think that if you go to the academy it looks good on your college resumé and you would learn how to be like me!" She said.
I rolled my eyes as she walked out of my room.
"I hate my life!!!" I yelled and flopped on the floor.
First my parents got divorced, then my mom won custody over me, and now i had to move away the home that i lived all my life in; leaving my friends behind. Great.
I get up from the flo
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Homestuck by Pugoffka-sama Homestuck :iconpugoffka-sama:Pugoffka-sama 6,368 435 Utenastuck: Rose Bride Feferi + Prince Dios Eridan by BlackRoseMikage Utenastuck: Rose Bride Feferi + Prince Dios Eridan :iconblackrosemikage:BlackRoseMikage 217 32
Japan x Reader: You're never alone
Background music if wanted:
This is what loneliness feels like, right?
Of course I would know that
That's everyday of my life

The swing made a quiet squeak as you pushed yourself back on the seat gently and swung forward, then back again. A soft wind brushed your skin as it ran past, strands of your hair catching in its course. Your mind wandered aimlessly into thoughts of neglect and cruelty against yourself as you stared into the distance, focused on nothing.
Why did this always happen? Every day, at the end of it you always sat alone. There was no one around making you laugh and talking with you about whatever they were in the mood to talk about. Nothing to be heard now other than the faint sounds of nature.
Why am I always alone?
You let out a breath and swung again with less effort. There was nothing to do but let the painful thoughts swim through your mind, taunting you about how worthless you were.
Maybe they were right.
Another gu
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